Hands down best pest service around, before using Roq at Hatch Pest I used other companies and still saw bugs and scorpions after the service had been done. Since Roq started spraying a few years back I have not seen a singe scorpion or many other bugs at all. At one point we stopped service because we thought it was unnecessary, and soon after the bugs came out in full force. We quickly called Hatch Pest back and since then, no more bugs. Great service, great people and great pride in what they do! -Kristopher Newkirk

Roq came through for us once again! We received a phone call from the security company that patrols our property in Scottsdale while we're away to let us know they discovered a dead bobcat in our yard! It was a holiday weekend but Roq managed to find time to go out, investigate, take pictures and remove the deceased animal in our absence. Thanks again Roq! -Maggie S.

Roq, I wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service that I received from you and Hatch Pest Control today. On a Saturday morning I realized that I had an animal stuck in my stove's vent. I had to get it out as soon as possible. I tried a well know national firm, but they were unresponsive. I was pleasantly surprised when you answered your phone and said that you would be able to help today. Within an hour, a trusted colleague of yours, Mike Ward, came by and rescued a live cactus wren from the stove vent. What a relief! Waiting until Monday was not an option. You and Mike truly exceeded my expectations. I will recommend Hatch Pest Control to all of my friends and family. Thanks again. -David Rasmussen

I just moved to the Scottsdale area and immediately had some encounters with the local insects and rodents. I used a pest company recommended by previous home owners but they were completely unavailable on the weekend when I started keeping company with a brown recluse spider. Roque answered my emails (with photos) on a Saturday night and kept in touch with me throughout the rest of the weekend. I am switching my business over to Hatch Pest Control. Thank you Roq! -Maggie Schlegl

I had a bee problem, Roq came out the same day to provide an estimate, called me, we agreed on the price, he came back early evening and got rid of the bees. Great guy, does a great job, great customer service, highly recommeded. -Phil N.

Roque was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. i feel comfortable that my rat problems will be solved. -Terry S

He provides a monthly service and so far we have had no issues with the service or bugs. He has come out to discuss items with me when called and has provided very good customer service - Sal C.

Very knowledgeable. On time for bid and appointment. Checked my property very thoroughly. Will continue to use. - K.M.

Very responsive. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They have organic pest control options too! - Vicki Mayo

Cheers Roq! Great job. Friendly, professional and timely. Keep up the great work. I will call you when I get home or earlier to schedule something for the birds. Thank you again. Hang Tough. -Marc

Had a good first experience today and would use Roque again. - Mark N.

When we first moved in to our Scottsdale home, it didn't take long for us to notice the scorpions and other insects that also lived here. We called Hatch Pest Control to take care of our problem and have been customers for the past year and a half.

Over that time, Roq Hatch has consistently taken care of our house with professionalism and quality service. During the downfall in the economy, we decided to cut back on some of our monthly expenses including our pest control. In the following month, we began to see the scorpions and other insects return. We called Roq and he was at our home that same day to begin service again. We realized the importance of pest control, especially in the Phoenix area as well as the quality of work done by Hatch Pest Control. We'll be sure to keep Hatch Pest Control a necessity for our home and strongly recommend his service to anyone else.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or for more information about the service we have done at our home. -Kris and Maureen Newkirk

They responded quickly and were flexible on payment methods. They work the accomplished was excellent and they left the job site in a neat and orderly fashion I would definatley use them again. -Bryan M.

Excellent! Helped with a Pack Rat problem in my attic. Expert advice, reasonable price, trustworthy. Would highly recommend him for any pest problems.

They called within 2 minutes of submitting my request to remove a swarm of bees, and was able to take care of the problem on a Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended, and I would definitely use Hatch Pest Control in the future.

I received a prompt call from Hatch Pest Control after placing my work request with Service Magic. Hatch arranged time to meet with me to review the property and to set up a plan for current and future pest control. I met with Roq Hatch at my property within 24 hours and shared my concerns. Mr. Hatch listened attentively, asked relevant, helpful questions, and developed a plan with me to resolve my concerns. Overall, I found the meeting and subsequent spraying to be timely and useful on the property. I would recommend Hatch Pest Control to others!

Very satisfied with the service provided.

He is a down to earth, honest and helpful person. I found him easy to talk to about my bug problem and since I live in California and the home is in Scottsdale I needed someone I could count on and feel total comfortable with. All the big company's sounded scripted about the issues I had and I felt were only about the sale and not about the problems. Hatch came out and got to the problem immediate, politely and was just a JOY to work with. Highly recommend, and I amto all the neighbors in the complex.-Ryan S.

Very prompt and courteous -Valerie W.

Roq answered my request promptly and was at our home at the time he said he would be. He was a very nice young man and I would definitely recommend him.It was a pleasure doing business with him. Thank you.

Called shortly after I was at site, was here when he said he would be, did what he came to without trying to sell me anything else that I did not need or want.

On time and professional. Thank you for your services. -Kathy G.

He was at my house within 1.5 hours of being called about a swarming bee hive. Completely eliminated the problem with no issues.-Rick R.

He was so quick to respond and came in very reasonable for my issue. I did have him come out and it seem to help some, but then found out my HOA would handle it so they took care of the rest (removal of bee hive). -Nicole L.

Responsive, job done within 24 hours of the submission of my request. -Laura L.

Roq contacted me on the phone, set up a visit, and took care of the problem right away. The bugs are gone! -Ana P.

Very polite and knowledgeable. I will call him back if I have a future problem.-Al V.

Very responsive and professional. -Mauren I.

He immediately set an appointment with me and treated the problem.


called within minutes of my request. on time and very friendly. signed for monthly service. -Robert T.

Very good, flexible and was on time/ reliable. Seemed to be a small one on one company which was nice. Would recommend them.

He was very knowlegeable. He came out to the house very next day. Did a great job. -Sandra D.

He was on time... courteous and we haven't seen a bug since!!

Very prompt (same day...Actually within minutes). VERY thorough (same day) inspection. Provided email quote later in the day. I emailed him back about a few minor points. He called me that evening to confirm my request and said that he could be here the next morning (Saturday), if that was OK with me. It was. He came on time and performed all the tasks he had agreed to. He is very pleasant, courteous and thoughtful about his work. My problem is/was roof rats. The traps have been set and we're waiting to see what will happen. He promised to call me in two days. Great service! He's got my vote. -Jerry L.

They were able to get out to see me the same day I put in my request and were very professional. Some of the other companies tried to sell me on services that I didn't need but Hatch was very upfront in telling me my options and recommending what they thought would suit my needs. I will definitely use them again.-Robin G.

got of the bees, was freindly and did a good job.

Professional, timely and honest. Will continue to use Hatch Pest Control. -Kris D.

Hatch Pest Control is great to work with. Roq Hatch is always quick with responses to my concerns and questions. He makes himself easily accessible both in person and through e mail.He has come up with solutions for problems that crop up. Roq Hatch is friendly, professional, trustworthy and easy to work with .I highly recommend Hatch Pest Control! -Robyn K. Scottsdale resident for 25 years

Their work is excellent. I give them high ratings overall and will continue to use them.- Allie Marino

Wonderful experience. On time, this guy knows his business! He did a great job, and then spent more time explaining how to control other potential pest problems that I should look for.- Linda Haynes

It started like this: I found Hatch Pest Control on magicyellow.com under pest control in Scottsdale, so I called the number listed and Roq answered the phone he said he would be able to come to the house in about 1 hour. Roq showed up to the house on time just like he said. He asked me if I had any specific problems with bugs and I said yes, I find about 2 scorpions a week in my house. He then explained to me that scorpions are very hard to kill and control but don't worry he was a expert in scorpion management. He then asked if I have any children or pets because he was going to be treating the inside of the house and he did not want to put them in danger of the pesticides. I said no! He then sprayed the inside of the house, baited for small rodents just in case and then sprayed the outside of the house. Total time was about 30 minutes and he even took a personal check as payment.-Jenny B


I have been using Roc for about three years and have referred a few people whom he has taken care of them all! If I ever have a problem he comes as soon as he can. He is always so nice and his monthly  pricing is very reasonable.


I was at work and my wife called me at mid morning to say that she saw bees coming from our fireplace into the house. I called a local company reccommened by a friend. They said in order to come today it would considered an emergency and they could not come out until 6:00pm and the price quoted was outragious.
I looked on Yelp and found a company that was rated 5 stars by other customers. The company was Hatch Pest Control. I called the number and a gentleman by the name of Roq answered. I explained my problem and he said that he had a couple of jobs to complete but could be at my house within a couple of hours. Within a couple of hours he called to say that he was 10 minutes away. Roq checked the foof, the chimney and the fireplace and said that he could find no bees or hives.  He said what we might have had were some scout bees looking for a place to build.
Roq did a thorough job, was very prompt and did a great job for us.  On top of it all he said because he found no bees there would be no charge for his visit.  This truely is great customer service. I would reccommend Roq and Hatch Pest Control to anyone based upon my experience today.
Thank you Roq,
Bill Patterson


Hatch Pest Control has offered us consistent and affordable pest control for the past several years.  Roq must use a great product because we have seen almost ZERO pests since he started service for us.  The few times that we have noticed spiders or scorpions we call Roq and he sprays again.  I will also point out that the few spiders and scorpions that we have seen are moving slow, obviously from crossing the spray line!  Great, reliable and honest service!


I have been using Roc for about three years and have referred a few people whom he has taken care of them all! If I ever have a problem he comes as soon as he can. He is always so nice and his monthly  pricing is very reasonable.

Paula M.


We have been using Hatch Pest control for several years now and there is absolutely nothing bad I can say about this business. The service is prompt, the price is reasonable and he always comes right away if we have an additional or unusual pest problem.

Jochen W.